Disability and cultural programs

Skill Development Program for Athletes With Disabilities (AWD) Juniors

We will be running an after school program for Juniors right through the term on Thursday afternoons from 4:30pm to 5:30pm. This will be an 8 week program each term commencing in Week 2 of each term.

The club welcomes players of all standards and abilities to the club, and specialises in working with people with both Physical and Intellectual Disabilties. – 1998 World Champion – Ross Schurgott


Cultural and Linguistic Diverse (CALD) program

Table Tennis is a great sport for people from all walks of life.

Our club welcomes players of all standards and abilities from all backgrounds. A CALD player is defined as someone who was, or who’s parents or grandparents were born in a non English speaking country. If this is you, we welcome you to join in at our club and let your table tennis do the talking! Please refer to our Playing Times page for a time that will suit you.


Brighton Table Tennis Club Mission Statement

“The Brighton District Table Tennis Club is a welcoming and inclusive sporting environment that ensures everyone; participants, coaches, officials, administrators, spectators or any other person involved in, or visiting the club, is made to feel welcome, included and valued, regardless of age, ability, disability, income, education, sexual orientation, race, religion or personal attributes”.